ATEC – THE COMPANY AT A GLANCE      


ATEC is owned by Dr. Trinetra Bajpai who is a Chemical Engineer Technocrat with over 48 years of experience in top executive positions in manufacturing industry with specialisation in design, engineering, execution and management of large-scale Petrochemical and other industrial sector projects (notably Methanol, Ammonia, Urea, Formaldehyde / Derivatives & Construction Chemicals Plants, Hot & Cold Steel Rolling Mills, Panel Boards / Laminates / Flooring Materials, MDF / HDF manufacturing Facilities etc.). He has developed, perfected and successfully commercialized numerous chemical projects and Technologies in course of a four decades plus distinguished career.


ATEC has conducted extensive research in identifying various viable projects and successfully developed the Technological Know-how for a wide range of products. The company has also tied-up with reputed international companies for grant of Process Technology Licenses /Know- How at costs substantially lower than internationally prevalent trends. ATEC also has access to guarded technologies which are generally not available in international market.


ATEC possesses the complete Process Technology Licensing, Basic Design, Detailed Engineering, Turn-Key Projects Management and Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning expertise in key industrial sectors :








ATEC also specialises in carrying out complete Techno – Economic Feasibility Evaluation for world scale 

Petrochemical / Steel / Wood Industry related projects and also has long experience in evaluation of used / moth balled plants for possible relocation and re- commissioning. The company also undertakes “Techno – Commercial Due Diligence” of projects contemplated by entrepreneurs on a joint venture or otherwise basis. Extensive market surveys for specific products are also ATEC’s speciality.  

ATEC’s expertise also encompasses “Evaluation / relocation, revamp, re-engineering and reinstallation of redundant / moth balled Chemical Process plants”.


ATEC has long experience in providing turn around supervision for industrial plants and training services for the personnel of process plants.













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